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Our carving soapstone is very soft and colorful and has a very high talc content. The talc in the stone gives it an extremely soft and soothing feeling to the touch. It's revered as one of the finest carving soapstone's available. The colors available are a soft-medium green and medium brown with a multitude of colorful tones within. These sculpture soapstone chunks are a dream to work with. Possessing very attractive finish colors and extremely easy to carve and finish, the sculptor in you will glow.

Carving Soapstone Assortment Package - 100 LBS

Soapstone Sample Set

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Snow White

Up to 20 lb. Chunks.

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Snow White Carving talc Soapstone is the culmination of a world wide quest to find the purest virgin white soapstone that Mother Earth has to offer. We are proud to have tested many different types of stone and come to present our very own Snow White Carving Talc Soapstone to you. Enjoy its purity.

1-866-Soapstone order desk
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